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EducateU Podcast

Feb 26, 2021

Tamara Fyke & our guest Rodger Dinwiddie talk about the Key Elements of A Compassionate School and the various approaches there are in terms of effective framework.

Rodger Dinwiddie, M.Ed., has been the CEO of STARS-Nashville, an evidenced-based Student Assistance Program, since 1986. Prior to joining STARS,...

Feb 19, 2021

Tamara Fyke & our guest Rod Berger talk about Supporting Students, Families, and Educators as We Return to School. Rod Berger is an education and health care industry strategist that has covered thought leadership for Forbes, Scholastic, The Huffington Post, AmericanEdTV and edCircuit.

Feb 4, 2021

Tamara Fyke & our guest Tessa Stuckey talk about cultural influencers that affect our kids mental health. Some specific touch points in today’s conversation include: 

-Issues that stem from immediate gratification and glorified options 

-The way technology and social media influences our kids emotions

-The prevalence...